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Welcome to the
International Music Examinations Board

The syllabi of the IMEB are designed to meet the needs of those teaching and learning music, speech, drama and theatre arts. The examinations will be found to be comprehensive and catering for those interested academically or as a performer. The lists contain works ranging from early times to up-to-date contemporary examples, plus own choice options.

All work is carefully and sequentially graded. Teachers preparing students for IMEB examinations will have a very sound outline on which to develop their lessons. IMEB examinations make provision for many abilities and give a goal for students in their studies. They provide a sense of purpose and direction and can be taken in addition to other activities, as they are not intended to be the only studies in a student’s year. Examination reports reflect a reliable assessment of progress and, by comments and marks, assist individual development.

In each IMEB syllabus, teachers will find the requisites of a system of training for their students through the Grades to the Diploma levels. The aim is to encourage personal development in music, speech, drama, theatre arts and performance in each individual. It is the wish of the IMEB to help teachers and their students in the development of their skills, acquisition of knowledge and enhanced self-confidence according to age and experience, not to discourage and set impossible or unrealistic standards.


At every IMEB examination level, selections are made from each section list of specified works or own choice. Own Choices give an opportunity for teachers and candidates to explore the repertoire appropriate for individual grade level, age, interest and experience and thereby have some ownership of their examination program. It is expected that all Own Choice items will be thoughtfully and responsibly selected and provide challenge and motivation for individuals in order to assist personal development. Examiners will expect standards of achievement commensurate to the candidate’s age and grade level, and to show thorough preparation for each examination component and section.

An exciting section is the ‘Performance Examinations’. Many students wish to learn music, speech, drama and theatre arts as a leisure activity and would like to receive recognition of their progress – these examinations are the answer as the assessment is based on the candidate’s performance, not the technical or theoretical aspects. Students may present a wide variety of items in the Performance Examination as the syllabus allows for the teacher and candidate to choose the performance pieces. Candidates in this area may progress to the Diploma of Performance.

The IMEB was formed in response to many requests from teachers of music, speech, drama and theatre arts looking for an alternative examination system. IMEB examinations are perceived to be more flexible and user-friendly than some other examination systems. All examiners are highly qualified and experienced teachers and therefore have a good understanding of the problems faced by both teachers and students.

The overall philosophy of the IMEB is one of 'encouragement'