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New Speech and Drama Examination Syllabus for Nursery Grades

Dr Darrell and Dr Tim arranging with Dr Ali Moafi for IMEB Music Exams to be introduced to Tehran Conservatory in Iran. Plans are in place for the first exam session in February 2013. This collaboration between IMEB and Tehran Conservatory is further evidence of the continuing expansion of IMEB. The Director of Tehran Conservatory is Dr Behzad Moafi (father of Dr Ali Moafi) who contacted us a result of the IMEB website and thus instigated our association.
International Music Examinations Board

Recently in Malaysia, our fantastic representative Mr Thomas Ling always makes our visits memorable with high standards of music performances, good company and even novel modes of transport to some exam venues as shown in the photo of him driving us in a rickshaw to Lisa ChengĄ¯s exams in Melaca !

Some Malaysian children regard their music exams so seriously that they dress up very formally for their performances, as seen in this photo taken in Sri Aman.

With Thomas Ling in Malaysia: Examinations, Competitions, Promotions make an exciting schedule

Teachers please note: The musical knowledge paper is no longer required for any Diploma exams.

Grade 5 Theory from any recognised exam system is the prerequisite for Associate Diploma, and Grade 6 Theory for Licentiate Diploma

New Public News

In Classical Piano Syllabus the early grades previously styled as STANDARD 1,2,3 are now styled PRE-GRADE 1,2,3

All IMEB Exams, in all subjects, with a time limit of 10 or 15 minutes should each be extended by 5 minutes in examination timetable planning. This is to allow examiners sufficient time to encourage the candidates to feel comfortable rather than stressed and risk being rushed through in these early grade exams. Examiners also feel that the extra 5 minutes will assist in writing reports, checking name spellings with candidates, recording marks, and completing master sheet details etc within the allocated timeslot. Additional work/items are not required to take up the extra time.

A levy may be imposed for country and interstate IMEB Exams by teachers to cover the costs of examiner travel, meals and accommodation.

Posted on 09-Nov-2010
Updated Keyboard Syllabus Released

The updated syllabus for "Keyboard" is now available for download from our "Syllabi" section.
Posted on 09-Nov-2010
New IMEB Representative

We would like to welcome Kathy Chan, as she joins us as our IMEB Hong Kong representative.
Posted on 11-Aug-2010
New Syllabus Released

The syllabus for "Music Of The Stage And Screen" is now available for download from our "Syllabi" section. Examination fees schedule are the same as for Practical Grade Examinations (cf Entry Form under the Syllabi section)
Posted on 21-Jan-2010

Welcome to the brand new International Music Examinations Board (IMEB) website. Have a look around and if you have any question simply send us an email at
Posted on 18-Aug-2008